Moon continues to impress

In the land of the Nintendo DS there aren’t many first-person shooters to really sink your teeth into. In fact, there’s but a handful of titles in the genre that you’d even really want to play on your dual screen wonder. Hopefully developer Renegade Kid’s upcoming Moon with allow us to count one more notch in the “thumbs up” column. So far, the game looks to be shaping up nicely and sexy trailers like the one above keep getting dropped at regular intervals to make sure we haven’t forgotten. While the game’s release is still at least two months away, there’s definitely plenty to be excited about. Moon looks to shed the “can’t do that on DS” drone of so many other games and really make its mark with some pretty outstanding visuals. The gameplay already looks super-smooth, not to mention pretty fun. We can’t wait to get our hands on some Moon-ing action. (Sorry about that last joke, I haven’t had much sleep and I’ve already met my quota of Warren Moon jokes for this lifetime, it’s all I could come up with.)