Need for Speed: Undercover opening trailer, starring YOU

Intro sequences to our favorite games are somewhat of an art form. Many game developers pride themselves on fantastic presentation and the opening cinematics are your first glance at what the game has to offer, so it seems only natural that they would be a focal point for game makers. Need for Speed: Undercover looks to take that mentality just a half-step further and turn the opening cinematic into a gameplay experience all on its own. To be honest, when we first clicked “play” on the above video we sat back and expected to see a gorgeous pre-rendered cinematic, but nothing to get too excited over. That all changed the second the camera pulled back and suddenly the game let the person with the controller take over. Features like this are not all that uncommon, but this particular example is so well done we actually uttered “okay, that was cool”, which hasn’t happened in a mighty long time. Now all we have to do is wait the remaining few days to experience all the rest as Undercover hits shelves Nov. 18 in the US and Nov. 21 in Europe.