No Street Fighter IV for U.S. arcades

Japanese arcades have been enjoying the nostalgic beat-em-up fun of Street Fighter IV since mid-July. However, Capcom has confirmed that the United States will only see console and PC releases of the title — much to the distress of its native arcade goers (all five of them).

Chris Kramer, senior director of communications and community for Capcom told Edge: “At this point, it does not look like Street Fighter IV arcade machines will officially hit the U.S. arcade market.”

The reason for this decision to not export the title? A decline in the American arcade market. Kramer said, “There’s not really an arcade business in the U.S. anymore. It’s sort of like an ‘amusement’ business that sometimes has arcade games in it.”

That’s all very well and good, but where Japanese SFIV arcade consoles have been individually imported by arcades, they’ve attracted crowds of enthused fans. Kramer shot down any possibility that SFIV could revive the ailing American market though, “Street Fighter IV‘s a great game, but could it rejuvenate an industry that died off seven or eight years ago? I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s that great. I don’t think anything by itself would be capable of revamping a whole business like that.”