Prince of Persia videos, screenshots aplenty

As if yesterday’s ridiculously well done story trailer that Kristen posted wasn’t enough, here’s two more videos from Prince of Persia. Or the prettiest game of the year as I *clears throat* unbiasly like to call it.

First up is the launch trailer above which presents the basis for the story in a rather epic manner when compared to the earlier trailers we’ve seen, and sets up the prince as the unlikely hero to take on the daunting task of slaying gods, and Elika as his “unexpected ally”. The second video is a new gameplay trailer, one that shows the dynamic duo hopping around until stumbling across a new menacing looking bad guy named Alchimiste. Needless to say, stylish ass kickery ensues.

And finally, if you’re in the mood for some static eye candy — our galleries have been updated with 16 new screenshots from the game, one prettier than the other.

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