U.S. Club Nintendo will indeed net you swag, tchotchkes

Club Nintendo is awesome. Don’t believe me? Check this out. Yes, that is a Super Nintendo controller you can plug into your Wii remote for use with Virtual Console games. And it’s just one of the many ridiculously cool bits of swag members of Club Nintendo Japan have had a chance to get their lucky little fingers on over the years. Long have we loyal American gamers pined for such exclusive, glorious merchandise, but our cries were consistently trampled underfoot like so many unfortunate goombas.

Well, that’s all about to change. Nintendo announced in early October that Club Nintendo would finally come to the United States, and Stephen Totilo of MTV’s Multiplayer blog was recently able to extract more details about the program from Cammie Dunaway, Ninty’s VP of sales and marketing. According to Dunaway, gamers will receive “gold coins” when they register a purchased Nintendo product or complete surveys, and when they accrue enough coins, they’ll have the opportunity to trade those in for merchandise.

Says Dunaway: “We will launch before the end of the holiday…They are working 24-7 to get this thing done.” I think I speak for U.S. Nintendo heads everywhere when I say…ahem…DO WANT!