More evidence that the gaming industry is legit

As we noted in yesterday’s post, Everton Football Club’s licensing of the Football Manger software gave us gamers more reason to believe our hobby was gaining respect in the larger, real world. Further evidence surfaced recently when The North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) honored Epic Games with its Top Industry Driven Technology Company of the Year award, bypassing nominees that specialized in fields as varied as pharmacy automation and railroad management. Epic Games, who most recently made the world approximately 8 times more awesome by publishing Gears of War 2, was specifically honored for their Unreal 3 Engine.

We think it’s very nice to see the gaming world becoming less esoteric. Epic Games grossed over $120 million in the first week after Gears of 2 was released, and while TVGB reported it, we’re guessing it didn’t make the Drudge Report. So, has the gaming industry felt a little under appreciated in recent times? Sure. But the past week has given us a few stories on how the real world is starting to show more respect for companies that are making true innovations. Take that, Apple.