Pirates threaten videogame shipments


You probably read that headline and said to yourself: “Great, another story about someone pirating some game.” Well let me assure you, this is definitely not that story. This is about real pirates, not some 30-year-old hacker who plays games in his mom’s basement. What could real pirates have to do with videogames? Alot. According to Reuters, increased attacks by Somali pirates in the Horn of Africa may interrupt trade in the area, including  videogame shipments. Pirates have been plaguing the horn of Africa for years, but what makes it extremely worrisome is that they seem to have moved to the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. This threatens to disrupt trade through the Suez Canal — a major shipping route that connects Europe to the middle east and Asia.

The canal is used by firms to transport anything from oil, to toys, to  videogame hardware. Does this mean that the West will face a gross shortage of videogame product? PC world believes that if it does effect videogame shipments, we may see the consequences in Europe rather than the United States.  However, it is dependent on how the firms react to this threat, and if a crackdown is put into affect to stop these pirates. Basically what this all comes down to is you really shouldn’t count on getting that Wii come Christmas…