Blood of Bahamut trailer… officially on DS

If you haven’t been keeping up on the latest hype from Square Enix, then maybe you haven’t heard about Blood of Bahamut. This not-so-well-kept secret from Square Enix had very little known about it before, but now it seems (with the help of a trailer) that more has been unveiled about this JRPG. It appears that BoB over here is an RPG that uses 2D sprites with a 3D atmosphere, which is going to be released on the DS (aka NOT the 360 or the PS3). That’s all I got from the trailer. I expected something more innovative from Square Enix when the game was still a mystery, but what can ya do right?

Oh, and one more thing. Did anybody else see a bunch of dark areas during the trailer? Wait, nevermind… it was just the Shadow of the Colossus.