Factor 5 has high hopes for Superman game

Earlier this month, Factor 5 hit a speed bump when their licensing deal with Brash Entertainment was negated (due to the latter company going under).  One of the games that was scheduled to come out of the aforementioned deal was a new Superman game, but since the news of Brash Entertainment the status of the game has been in limbo.

Julian Eggebrecht, creative director and president of Factor 5, spoke to MTV Multiplayer and let them in on the status of Factor 5 and almost let the cat out of the bag on the fate of the Superman game. “One of our large-scale multi-platform projects was started with Brash because it is a dream property for us, hasn’t been given its dues in gaming since the Atari 2600, and has a huge universe to draw from, things are obviously in flux and we hope that the game proves to be as indestructible as our hero…”

Now, he didn’t name the game specifically, but if you put two-and-two together you can clearly see what the man is implying.  It might not be so bad seeing a Superman game developed by Factor 5.  Despite the mediocrity of Lair, there’s one thing that the studio does well, and that is definitely flying.