Metal Gear Online hates snipers too

Konami is serving up some killer(croc) expansions for Metal Gear Online — just in time for Turkey Day matches. This new update, the MEME EXPANSION, includes new characters, maps and modes. The two new characters are none other than ultimate Metal Gear bad guy Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling. Both characters come with unique abilities and weapons. The maps included are for Silo Sunset, Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse.

The above updates are to be expected — new maps, new characters etc. It is really nothing new. Who didn’t expect Yoda and Vader to be DLC eventually, right? What is interesting is that this update includes new rules that can be used now without the update. One of these is the No Headshot mode, which makes shots to the head only as lethal as any other shot would be. While we can understand the annoyance of playing with tough/bitch snipers, this seems a bit cheap. A more interesting solution would be a stat meter causing an implant in their head to explode once they reach 5 headshot kills. This of course should then be made standard for every online game moving forward.

The new Stealth Death Match mode allows players to have at it with all stealth elements automatically switched on; and an Interval setting lets players practice and chat with each other on the battlefield without having their rank being affected. Also new, is the Tournament lobby where players are matched up in battle situations to earn points for character customizations, proving that Solid Snake looks too old and needs either an afro or Crocodile Cap (shown above) to look cool again. Interested players can get the expansion Nov. 25.