“Significant” Prince of Persia DLC planned

Speaking to Gamersyde, Ubisoft producer Ben Mattes has revealed the company’s downloadable content plans for the upcoming Prince of Persia game. Mattes believes that the content will provide “significant value”, even suggesting that it may be an entire prequel or sequel.

“The intention is to do downloadable content that adds significant value, so I don’t think you’ll see downloadable content of a new skin or a new weapon or something like that” said Mattes. “If we’re going to do it, it’s going to be a new story, a new experience, maybe a prequel, maybe a sequel – we’re going to do something that really offers a lot of value for the player. In terms of when, you know, sometime next year. I’m not sure of exactly when, it’s all still in discussion.”

Nice. The prospect of this kind of DLC is always preferable to the Dead Space/Horse Armour approach. Now I could use this moment to discuss my reservations about the full game, on which the worth of the DLC hangs. But that would risk serious bodily harm from the rest of the guys here at TVGB, who have shown unanimous love for it. Seeing as I like my head in its current non-baseball batted form, I’ll keep quiet. Make up your own mind when Prince of Persia hits worldwide in December, on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.