Things aren’t looking good for Blu-ray

Blu-ray may have “won” the “format war” but it still has a long way to go before it wins over America, and things seems to be looking worse for the Sony backed format as each day rolls by. A study conducted by the The Digital Entertainment Group, a consortium of movie studios and electronics manufacturers, has predicted that by the end of the year 10.5 million US households will have the ability to play Blu-ray, sharply lower than Adams Media Research’s June estimate of 14.4 million.

The Associated Press reports that of those 10.5 million households able to play Blu-ray, 8 million will own PlayStation 3’s whilst a meager 2.5 million will have stand-alone players. While Sony remains confident in its forecasts for the year, Kevin Bishop of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment did admit that “The only dark cloud is the economy.”

Though former HD DVD fanboys may think they’ve found somewhere to grind that axe of theirs with this story, it is important to remember that no-one, not Sony, not Microsoft, not anyone could have predicted just how big a kick between the legs the current economic woes would become. With developed nations across the world slipping into recession one by one (Japan today becoming the latest) it is no real surprise that the adoption of something as frivolous as high definition technology may get sidelined.