What Just Happened? [Nov. 10 – Nov. 16]

What Just Happened? is a feature recapping the week’s most interesting stories.

No zombies anywhere to be found last week, gamers. Oh, wait, there was the Left 4 Dead demo. Curses! Why won’t these abominations leave us be?! Why can’t they resist their unholy cravings for our tender human flesh?!

Yes, well, as for news and developments, there is plenty to discuss. A new review and podcast from your friendly neighborhood videogame blog, more uproar about censoring and copyright infringement, big announcements hinted at and secrets revealed, ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to classic JRPGs, smashing successes and developer blessings and much more. Plus: tchotchkes galore! Quick, read on, before the shambling undead break the barricade!

DICE talk Mirror’s Edge first-person view, character connection

Flash pioneer releases a decade of independent gaming goodness

Cross Platform #010 / Burnout: Praise Edition

New Underworld vids, interactive website launches

Japan to receive censored Fallout 3

GTA IV ‘keys to the city’ are finally arriving

Rock Band 2 creator serves Guitar Hero a plate of constructive criticism

Fable II getting “big announcement” next week

LittleBigPlanet levels getting deleted due to copyright infringement

Chrono Trigger DS – same game, different ending

Gears of War 2 sells two million copies

Review / Legendary (PS3)

Secret Square-Enix game revealed

EA to launch WiiFit rival

Atlus reprints Persona 2, RPG joygasm shakes Earth

Blizzard gives BioWare its blessing

Wii Speak Channel will only work with new purchases

Street Fighter IV console release date announced

Wii Music a bust or a slow moving evergreen?

U.S. Club Nintendo will indeed net you swag, tchotchkes