Is SPRay a hidden gem or just more of the same?

A while back some of the staff here at TVGB was sitting around discussing the great holiday releases coming up. We listed off our DS dreams, our 360 wants, our PS3 needs and our Wii… well we couldn’t come up for anything we really wanted for the Wii. We’re supporters of all the consoles around here so we kind of felt bad about the lack of must have games hitting the Wii this holiday season. Well there still aren’t any really, but I think we’ve found a few that might please people.

One of them is featured in the video above. It is SPRay, named after its title character the Spirited Prince Ray, who must protect his kingdom from an evil Queen by donning a magic hat that summons two liquid spraying spirits. We know it sounds goofy, but the mechanics of it are actually really interesting. Spraying different liquids to solve platforming puzzles actually looks like a clever and interesting game that uses the Wii Remote in a way that isn’t some cheap gimmick. Check out the vid and tell us you aren’t at least a little impressed. Sure it’s just another cute game, but at least this one has something behind it. Let’s just hope it isn’t so geared towards kids that it lacks any form of challenge, because if there is anything worse than a half-assed Wii game it’s a Wii game that squanders its potential.