Netflix streaming has no Columbia Pictures, Sony responsible?

Reports are coming in from the internets and those who have downloaded the NXE that not every movie that is watchable on ones computer via Netflix’s instant watch option is popping up on the Xbox’s version of the same Netflix service. Which movies are missing? Why those of Columbia Pictures, of course. We say of course because — wait for it, wait for it — Sony owns Columbia Pictures out and out.

Those who have any movie or TV show owned by the production company in their que will not be able to find it to watch when the boot they’re 360 up. It just won’ be there. It’s even stranger because before today the Columbia films and shows were there for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Maybe Sony wanted to drop the hammer down at the least opportune moment. The only way to tell if a film is unable to play on a 360 is to add it to your que and find out for yourself when Netflix lists it as either working or not. Real mature Sony, but I guess business is business, especially if Sony is working out a deal with Netflix too.

That last sentence is just a rumor creator I made up, but if it comes true remember where you heard it first.