Rare: Game industry caught in “hampster-wheel mentality”

Mark Betteridge, Rare studio manager, believes that videogames are a “niche experience” and will remain so until the industry’s culture of sequels changes. “The trouble with the business now is that we’ve got this sort of hamster-wheel mentality. If you look at the chart you’ll see a lot of sequels in there, and people re-spinning those ideas for new sequels as fast as possible for next year.”

Speaking in an interview with gi, Betteridge continues, “We’ll never really attract any new audiences from doing that, and that’s my problem with it. The box comes down cheaper, we’ll get a few more people who were waiting on the sidelines, but the lady that showed us to our table today – I bet she’s not got a 360, and has no intention of buying one… So to me, games are still somewhat of a niche experience compared with music, television and most art forms.”

There is truth in Mr Betteridge’s words, but the jaded old cynic in me reads ‘broader audiences’ and sees my Gran tottering around on a balance board, or my little cousin playing Ponyz. I’m all for new experiences and IPs, but if this is what he means then nail me to the Call Of Duty 9 hamster wheel, I’ll continue to enjoy our little niche thanks.