Rumor / The Agency gets its burn notice

You might remember a certain spy-themed MMO shooter from Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle studio for the PS3 and PC called The Agency. I remember it because even for a jaded, former MMO junkie who kicked the habit long ago it looked pretty damn awesome and got me all tingly in the James Bonds. So much so that I had it in my GameFly “Q” because all the cool kids rent games and so I could give it a swing like some fancy black tar heroin.

Unfortunately, if an e-mail I received from GameFly is to be believed, it appears as though Sony has put the game into early retirement. At this time there is no concrete proof of the cancellation so it will remain as a rumor, but I’ll be getting in touch with my inner Matlock to uncover the truth. Until then, keep the blinds drawn and stay low — they’re watching.

Update: Gamefly is a bunch of email liars. No cancellation says Sony.