Weapon of Choice lets players cheat death

Weapon of Choice may owe its heritage to such classics as Metal Slug and Contra, but in no way should it be looked over because these games and their many spin-offs and sequels are still around. The above trailer shows off the natural progression of classic gaming into today’s expectations.

Not only does it have great HD graphics with that Colored Pencil art style, killer music and plenty of wild actions; but this game also features some wicked looking original ideas that should breathe life into its genre. Enter “Death Brushing.” This feature is automatic in the game, which forces gameplay to slow down when the player is about to get hit allowing them a chance to react and dodge whatever is coming at them. When Death Brushing, the background is filled with floating skulls.

Most games like this are pretty linear, but Weapon of Choice will have branching paths to choose from as well as multiple endings. Add to that the different characters, each packing a unique weapon altering how players go about the level and dispatching alien scum, what looks like crazy fun gameplay and high replayability; and this title may just be a must when it hits Xbox LIVE tomorrow, Nov. 19.