Wii controllers won’t make you kill people

I don’t know about you, but whenever I pick up my Wii remote I have the uncontrollable urge to make stabbing motions at whoever is in the room with me. Alright, that’s not true at all. I usually have the urge to swing it around like a light saber or use them as make shift nunchuks. Thats all in good fun, right? Yes! It appears that the Wii controller doesn’t contribute to higher aggression in players according to a new study conduced at Villanova University. Go figure!

The study used Manhunt 2 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 to gauge the 118 volunteers (68 female and 50 males). The volunteers underwent a test for psychoticism before and after playing the games with the Wii motion controls or standard controls. Dr. Patrick Markey, the man behind the study, concluded that motion controls did not raise aggression in players anymore than good ol’ fashioned button mashing. The test also concluded that violent videogames have more impact on people predisposed to higher levels of psychoticism.

It’s nice to continually see studies that debunk what some of the anti-gaming lobbing types clutch to. I know Jack Thompson is gone (for now) but this issue is far from dead. There will still be lobbying against violent videogames, and we have to remain vigilant and stop it. I may have blasted enough virtual people/creatures in my lifetime to populate a large country, but I have never once thought about taking another person’s life or seriously harming them for that matter. We can’t and shouldn’t let a few crazies in the world ruin it for the rest of us.