Afro Samurai game looks better than the show

We’ll admit it, we tried to give the Afro Samurai animated series a chance, we really did. We’re big fans of our late-night animation line-up, and as such we try to find the best in each of the shows they choose to provide for us in the cold, late hours of the evening. Still, there was something about Afro Samurai that we just couldn’t really click with. The animation was neat, and the storylines were decent, but the show itself just left a bad taste in our mouths. Regardless of that, Namco Bandai decided to go forth with creating a game based on the Afro Samurai license, and so far we’re mighty glad they did. The game features a gorgeous cel-shaded aesthetic that serves the franchise well. Not to mention the fact that there is approximately 12,000 gallons of blood on tap, and that’s just the trailer! We look forward to hearing more about this bloody brawler as we near its Jan. 27 release date.