Avatar clothing “theme packs” coming to NXE

Just downloaded the shiny New Xbox Experience? Bored of spinning your avatar’s head around ’till his eyes go squiffy? Wish you could get your hands on some more outfits for the little fella? Well, you’re in luck, Microsoft has the just the thing for you.

Xbox LIVE product unit manager Jerry Johnson, while speaking to VG247, has confirmed that new Avatar clothing options will be arriving on the NXE over the next 6 months. They will arrive in the form of themed packs. There aren’t any more official details just yet, but if you cast your mind back to the pre-E3 information leak, there was an image doing the rounds of avatars dressed as Samurai and Rabbits, as well as a few outfits I don’t remember seeing in the current options. Expect that stuff to turn up eventually. There’s also no official word on whether we will have to pay for these packs, but you can bet your life we will.

Me? I quite fond of my white suit thanks, that will do me fine…. unless they do a Ninja suit of course… or Zombies, that would be great… a Street Fighter clothing pack would be pretty awesome!.. OR A DARTH VADER HELMET!!! Woooo! Oh man, this could be bad. How will I explain to my wife that we missed a mortgage payment, all because I wanted to dress my avatar up like Chun Li? Y’know… just because I was curious.