Bike Hero could only be better on a heavily trafficked highway

You’ve seen Roadie Hero (possibly NSFW) and Vagina Hero (definitely NSFW), but now you can experience an awesome Guitar Hero mashup that won’t see you escorted out of the building by security! Some kids from Brierwood with an incredible sense of balance and a staggering amount of free time have brought their labor of love, Bike Hero, to the small screen.

Set to the tune of Prisoner of Society by The Living End, the best song in Guitar Hero World Tour according to the video’s auteur, highlights include a confetti-enhanced solo at 2:31, a ramp jump at 3:06 and an appearance by viking metal master Lars Ümlaüt at 3:16.

It would be better if it were raining and on the interstate, and, of course, the bike was on fire, but all things considered, you’ve done the interwebs proud Brierwood Vandals. Even if this does turn out to be just another cleverly disguised viral video ad.