Finally, a Facebook support group for Fable 2 players who’ve accidentally torched their families

“No trouble at all, friend! The Albion Public Library is just two blocks down and then take a righ-OH MY GOD, I AM SO SORRY!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve meant to amuse and delight my adoring legion of fans with a manly heroic pose or moving lute solo but have instead unleashed fiery death from my hands, giving the poor townsfolk a terrifying memory that no amount of guilt-ridden gifts will ever truly ease.

Thankfully, a Facebook support group has been established to help people like me, people who have accidentally and unintentionally blasted their fictional families with a searing gust of Arctic wind. The Association of Accidental Arsonists is a self-described support group for players who’ve “set spouses, houses and mouses ablaze in err.”

MTV Multiplayer’s guest writer, Tracey John, got to play e-mail tag with one of the group’s founders, Kevin Paul with the Community Team at Apparently the idea for the group came about when he and his co-workers started sharing similar accounts of “accidental spell-casting” upon their spouses and children during their sojourn in Albion, a world where domestic violence goes unchecked and unchallenged by the local constabulary. And we’re not just talking about arsonists.

“Those of us at AAA are accepting of all forms of accidental property damage and manslaughter!,” according to Paul. “Have you accidentally manifested a bevy of blades which found their way into the Town Crier? We’re here for you.”