Mourning the death of the Championship Gaming Series

Some people might scoff at the concept of professional gaming, but others see the potential for legitimate sportsmanship. I am one of those other people. The idea of eSports is foreign to a lot of people, even to a good portion of gamers. This is why I’m not surprised that the CGS (Championship Gaming Series) is closing its doors today. While I’m not shocked that this happened, it does sadden me. When I first heard about CGS I thought it was a great idea, and I hoped it would succeed. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to help bring in the much needed viewers and support necessary to survive.

Competitive gaming does have a place, and I hope that this news doesn’t deter future endeavors by other companies. Maybe this wasn’t the right time. Perhaps it wasn’t the right business model. Whatever the problem may be, I hope that someone will figure out a model that will give us a dedicated competitive gaming platform. Something that will hopefully grow and flourish into a tournament that can rival the PGA Tour or even something that resembles a major sports league. Competitive gaming shouldn’t just remain a staple of the annual developer event and videogame conventions. I appreciate what CGS did greatly, and can only pray to the gaming gods that someone will pick up their torch and run with it. I will miss you CGS, it was great while it lasted. Now, I will have a moment of silence…