Will Wii be getting an unique online community?

If there is one place the Wii has really disappointed just about everyone (and I’m sure there are many places, so let us just save the complaining for later) it’s the online. Even Super Smash Brothers Brawl, a game that seemed destined for greatness online, fell flat thanks to Nintendo’s friend codes and lack of voice support. Third party support of online functions has been even spottier. The one ray of hope Wii supporters have had is Wii Speak, which will at least let us talk with other players on a regular basis, finally.

Get ready for a little more hope all you Wii faithful out there who think that maybe, some day, the Wii could at least have an actual online community and functionality. Reggie speaks, and he speaks of the internets. Talking with Forbes Fils-Aime hits us up with the low down on Nintendo’s plans for community on the Wii. “Nintendo has always had a vision on community,” he said, “The issue is that we define community differently than our competitors. … Our consumers do want a sense of community, and we’re going to deliver that — but in a way that is unique to Nintendo.”

Hear that haters? Community… maybe… sometime… UNIQUENESS!!!! It’s nice to know they’re at least aware of the existence of online communities. Also mentioned in the article is that Fils-Aime notes that the Wii and Wii Fit will probably be in short supply. That’s what I like to call a non-story.