Nyko believes four is better than two

One of the greatest things about X-brand components is that they often do something that the brand components do not. For instance, rechargeable Wii Remotes are something that Nintendo should really pack in with the Wii. Not only would it save their customers money, but the environment would also thank them. Luckily companies like Nyko pick up Nintendo’s slack. Now, with the introduction of the Charge Station Quad, Nyko is picking up their own slack.

See, before the Quad you could only charge two Wii Remotes on the same Nyko base. The aptly named Quad now let’s people charge four. Nyko was clearly slacking off when they came out with the first iteration. That’s two more! I’m going too fast, I can tell. Here is a simple mathematical equation: 2+2 = 4, 4 = better. See, simple as pie. Other than having two more slots, the new charger is basically the old charger. You’ll get four rechargeable battery packs with it and four of their patented grippy back covers. It’s double the fun and all at a price of $49.99. The Quad hits in December, just in time for all those holiday Wii buyers.