Third parties still don’t understand Wii, Reggie says

It’s been an argument that has been put through the paces ever since the GameCube: third party titles cannot compete with Nintendo offerings. Sure there have been some companies such as EA, Capcom, and Activision that have seen some success, but most other companies have been left out in the cold.

Reggie Fils-Aime has an answer for why that might be. While speaking with Forbes, he stated that he believes third party developers “still don’t quite understand the Wii audience,” also adding, “I will be able to say our licensees ‘get it’ when their very best content is on our platform.”

Part of the problem he sees is that companies are just trying to tack motion controls onto a property, without taking the time to fully develop the game. If you look at many of the multi-platform titles for Wii, and how they usually end up being PS2 ports with motion controls, it’s hard to argue against his claims. The future isn’t all that bleak, as developers like High Voltage look to show the world that the Wii isn’t just a shovel ware, waggle fest. But the message from Fils-Aime is clear, if third parties want to see some measure of success, put more time and care in developing your titles.