Midway sees more Hollywood in Wheelman than just inspiration

We hope our readers are as impressed with Wheelman as much as we have been because you’re going to be seeing it much more. Not because we plan on covering it constantly but because Midway intends on making plenty of money on this new property for years to come. Along with confirming the launch date, Midway has let loose that there is already a script being written for the movie.

Vin Diesel is already starring in the game, so naturally we expect to see him front and center when a studio picks up the movie. Who wouldn’t want to see Vin Diesel in an explosive car chase movie based on a videogame, which in turn was based on and built around the idea of putting players into the greatest Hollywood style car chases imaginable? Now that’s a hamster-wheel we’d like to run around in. The above developer diary shows some of the immense effort put forth by Midway, Tigon Studios and Vin Diesel to make Wheelman “play like a Hollywood blockbuster.”

Midway is also planning a multi-million dollar advertising campaign making sure that gamers everywhere are ready this February. It is nice to know that even in these difficult economic times companies can still hype the hell out of games like we’re used to. It also helps to know that games like this can help bring more attention and potential gamers to our industry — if it is made into a summer blockbuster it certainly will — without just chirping about casual games and broadening our audience that way.