The Last Remnant launch trailer sure is purrrty

Xbox 360-exclusive RPGs are certainly nothing new these days. Despite being the one console that we never thought we’d see Square Enix show mega-exclusive love to, the system has gotten one after another after another. The latest in this line of “Please-sell-in-Japan” titles is The Last Remnant. Square hopes, of course, that TLR will finally be the title to really break through for the Xbox 360 in Japan, but one has to wonder when they’ll finally concede the fact that no matter how good these games are, the 360 was just not meant to go up against the PS3 and Wii in their homeland. The game looks technically gorgeous, with detail and effects that remind you the folks at Square know what they’re doing. And this final launch trailer shows pretty much what you’d expect it to. Weird monsters, check. Dude who looks like a chick, check. Chick with big ‘ol breasticles, check. And BONUS: Guy…er, um chick, um THING with 4 arms and 4 guns, check! Ok, we admit, that last one took us by surprise, but that’s fine, we were still on a pretty good roll no matter how you cut it.