Uno just got kick ass

You know, I really debated with myself when thinking about posting this. I mean, does Uno really appeal to everyone out there? Then I remembered the hardcore Uno games we carried out in grade school, and how I owe it to the public to spread the joy of the game. Then again, anything that is combined with Street Fighter immediately becomes awesome (unless it’s this). I know what you’re saying, “What the hell does Uno have to do with Street Fighter?”

Everything. Capcom has announced that they are bringing a Street Fighter themed card deck to the Uno game on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The package will include a Sagat themed background from Street Fighter II HD, portraits of characters on all cards, and special animated cards. The game will work just like your typical Uno, but there is one small edition that is just pushing this game to awesome. It’s called the haduoken card, and it gives you the ability to smash your friends face with the energy of your soul!!!!! Ok, maybe I went a little overboard there. It’s really a command card that forces the affected player to keep drawing until he picks a block or jump card. I’m sure Capcom is working on the smash your face edition.