Swap out your defective 360

I’m pretty confident in saying that a majority of people that own the Xbox 360 have dealt with the red ring of death. Don’t worry if you haven’t, it-will-come. Those of us who have experienced the red ring know very well what the return process is. If your Xbox is within warranty you send it back to them in the brown box, and it is returned new within a few weeks. There are some of us though, that don’t really have the patience for that type of thing. Well if you got your Xbox at Sam’s Club, you might not need to call up Microsoft and wait for them to send you a new one.

A reader of The Consumerist sent them a little story about his dealings with Sam’s Club. According to reader “Virg”, he purchased his Xbox 360 in Feb 2007, and it kicked the bucket this November. So what did he do? He strolled down to Sam’s Club where they immediately provided him with a new console. It doesn’t stop there, since the only console bundles they had available were cheaper than Virg’s, they refunded him the difference. All of you console-shoppers might want to pay Sam’s Club a visit on Black Friday.