Gears 2 still rolling

As if we should have been surprised…

According to, Gears of War 2 has been nominated for 5 awards at this year’s Spike TV Video Game Awards. GOW 2 is up for Game of the Year, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Xbox 360 Game, Best Graphics, and Best Shooter. I’d say Gears has the Shooter and Multiplayer awards wrapped up, but it faces stiff competition for the other three. Metal Gear Solid 4 and GTA IV have legitimate claims to Game of the Year, and Fallout 3 might steal that Best Xbox 360 title as well. You can find the complete list of nominees here.

2008 has been a fantastic year for gaming, and Gears 2 is up against some solid titles. But we have a sneaky suspicion that Marcus Fenix will make a strong showing when it matters. Lancers are effective negotiating tools when dealing with judges.

The Spite TV Video Game Awards will air on December 14. Be sure to check them out. Or not.