Killzone 2 release date possibly(probably) February

Oh how I love speculation. Nothing makes me more giddy than a vague release date, and the anticipation of hearing from the creators. This time it seems to be the PS3 shooter Killzone 2. Over at CVG, they report that a variety of their sources point to a February release date for the Helgast killing simulator. Gamestop seemed to agree, listing a Feb. 17 release date for the game on their pre-order page. However, Amazon swears that it is coming out Feb. 1. Seems to me like Killzone 2 is having a little identity crisis. Thankfully, Sony came out to clear up the whole mess…kind of. Sony claims that the Feb. 17 release date “still hasn’t been confirmed.” They don’t stop there though, oh no, they have to give you a little taste of the carrot. They go on to tell CVG that they “are still tracking a February release for the UK, though.”

I hate you Europe.