360 front loading tray mod is hard to make

The loading tray on the front of the 360 is annoying. Not only does it malfunction every once in a while, but it seems to be the only piece of equipment on the thing that looks cheap (as opposed to the insides, which are cheap and crash all the time). So what do we do with annoying things? We get rid of them. Or, modders get rid of them and the rest of us look at it and wish we were modders. A forum member over at benheck.com showed off his slot loading 360 and became the envy of every 360 owner everywhere.

Think you could pull it off? Well get ready to not only take apart your 360, but also that spare iMac you have laying around. RDC gutted the innards of his console’s DVD-ROM and installed them in the case of his old iMac’s slot loader. This is evidently something that is easier said than done as it means he basically had to take the entire 360 apart, then take the Mac apart, then cram the parts he needed together and make sure they fit inside the 360 and then mod the 360 case. Was it worth it? I’d equate this with an iPod Touch; you pay a lot more, but damn, if it isn’t the sexiest thing ever.