A robot to conquer Guitar Hero

Since a good majority of living, breathing people can’t beat every song on Guitar Hero on expert difficulty, Cyth Systems has created the Cythbot, a robot that can play the popular music game with ease. So now expect to get pwned by a heap-o’-metal that doesn’t get fazed by your yells of disbelief. No matter how much you cry and throw your guitar around, don’t expect it to show sympathy.

How does this contraption work, you might ask? It works by using a variety of different components to pretty much analyze what’s going on in the game. Take a look at the notes presented to it, the Cythbot has a camera that is hooked up to a “Configurable Signal Conditioning Enclosure (CA-1000).” This works by using the light intensity of the pixels and noticing the difference in the notes by their color. Pretty sophisticated, huh? This then sends a signal to the bot’s “fingers” that hover over the guitar, which then leads to it playing the notes.

The accuracy of this robot is pretty amazing. It has the capability of reaching accuracy levels of up to 98%, but most of the time it mainly hits between 75-80%. You can’t expect those fingers to always be in time, right? So can we expect a robot that can play drums in Rock Band at alarming rates? Probably not anytime soon, but this robot seems like a great way to at least make you perfect your mad guitar skills.