Breasticles and interpretive dance = Lara Croft

The above video is just plain awkward. I’m not even sure what they were going for with this one, though I guess in the end it served its point and advertised the new Tomb Raider game since we posted it. I think there is supposed to be a joke in there about Lara not being able to find her stapler or something, but it just becomes a sort of odd interpretive dance piece with guns. By the middle I was too confused to even be remotely attracted to the lovely Ms. Croft (Alison Carol).

As if that awkwardness wasn’t enough, after the ad break (yest, the ad break!) Carol attempts to teach Stephen Totilo how to do some of her “moves,” starting off with a truly tricky manuever that I believe most of us would call a somersault. Evidently Carol was a gymnast before becoming an actress and thus can pull off plenty of Lara’s cooler movements. Totilo on the other hand is less, shall we say, flexible.