Face! What we look like when we game

I think this might be the most unbiased piece of reporting on gaming that I’ve ever seen. The above video, Immersion, is simply gamers’ faces as they game. It was put together for The New York Times Magazine by photographer Robbie Cooper, and while not interesting in the context of seeing new things — since we’ve all seen these faces before — it is interesting in the context of gamer representation. The video shows such a wide variety of reactions to games that one can’t help but feel the overall message is that everyone takes away something different from games.

Look at the varied reactions: boredom, excitement, anger, etc. In about three minutes Cooper demonstrates why gaming is just as much a viable emotional medium as any other form of media out there. Of course the kids might have been playing it up for the camera, and there aren’t any adults involved so it isn’t a very scientific study, but as a piece of art it is an impressive encapsulation of gaming.

So which face are you? I hate to admit this, but when I’m alone I think I’m the talking to the screen guy.