Mario will call your parents’ phone and scare them

Are you finding it incredibly difficult to explain to your parents that you want a pink Nintendo DS with every Pokemon game ever? Never fear! Mario is here! Nintendo has set-up a little web site where anyone can go and get Mario to call their loved ones over the phone or email and request the gift of a DS and a few games. Remember, nothing says holiday togetherness like having an automated Italian plumber call your parents.

Having given the site the old college try, I must admit I’m impressed by Mario’s inability to speak proper English, but still leave a minute long message on someone’s phone. This phone message alone shows everyone why Mario should never talk in his games — ever. Still, as a fun little novelty this is pretty clever of Nintendo. I’m pretty sure a parent who got this message would be impressed. Sadly you can only select from a limited selection of games for the DS (all Nintendo published), which makes my request for Chrono Trigger impossible. Though, hearing how Mario pronounces “millionaire” makes it all worth while.

I’ve tested it just now with Dennis Lesica and we have both concluded that Mario calls very promptly and in a timely manner.