What Just Happened? [Nov. 17 – Nov. 23]

What Just Happened? is a feature recapping the week’s most interesting stories.

Despite our last Cross Platform podcast being the “Infected Edition,” there weren’t that many zombies last week. Instead, there were several finely-crafted reviews, talk of gangland DLC and content moderation, shutdowns and collapses in both the digital and print worlds, some interesting commentary on music in games and retro chiptunes seeping into television, arguments with animal activists and underhanded information control.

But this is just the calm before the storm, gamers. Keep vigilant. Need I remind you that, while we feast on turkey and dressing, the decrepit, salivating hordes outside your home want nothing more than to feast on you? So get that Christmas shopping done early, and treat yourself with a SPAS-12. Quite the stocking stuffer, eh?

Review / Shaun the Sheep (DS)

Cooking Mama kills animals!

Composer Bear McCreary loves him some Mega Man

Wii could get Prince of Persia game in the future

More insight into those LittleBigPlanet content mods

Cross Platform Podcast #011 / Infected Edition

Review / Quantum of Solace (360, Wii)

Epic working on Gears 2 matchmaking issues

Finally, a Facebook support group for Fable 2 players who’ve accidentally torched their families

Cooking Mama fires back at PETA critics

GTA IV DLC revs up for February release

Review / Tom Clancy’s EndWar (PS3)

Isn’t it bromantic?

Print Version of Electronic Gaming Monthy might be on the cutting block

Music in Games / Steve Schnur – EA Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing, President of Artwerk

Tabula Rasa shutting down

Eidos attempts to fix Tomb Raider Metacritic scores

Can’t play the drums? Sue the hell out of em!

Review / Far Cry 2 (PS3)

Jonathan Blow discusses games that touch people