10 most awesome, sorry… offensive, violent, sex-filled videogames

The National Institute on Media and the Family has compiled its 13th annual ‘Video Game Report Card’. Amongst the various tips designed to help parents protect their children from unsuitable games is a list of the “10 most offensive, violent, sex-filled video games inappropriate for kids.” It makes for interesting, and pretty damn funny, reading.

Many of the titles listed are game of the year contenders, with Gears of War 2, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, Resistance 2, Dead Space and Fallout 3 all featured. That they are unsuitable for kids is a given. They are, after all, M rated. But it’s the descriptions. Man, if you didn’t want these games before, you’re going to be begging for them after reading this.

Included in the Far Cry 2 report is this little nugget, “Blowing peoples heads off is a regular occurrence in this game”. For Silent Hill: Homecoming they’ve gone with, “Near the end the player is faced with a choice to shoot his mother in the head or let the rack rip her in half.” Wow, I may actually check that game out now. This is good stuff. Seriously, the Saints Row 2 description just needs a couple of exclamation marks at the end and they would double sales. “In the game, the player can choose to beat up strippers, slit rival game members throats, shoot cops and more.” Yesssss!

To be fair to NIMF, their mission is commendable. They even provide a list of recommended, family-safe games that doesn’t entirely suck. Its just that we can’t help but think they would do well out of a switch to marketing. Think of the money guys!