Best Buy really, really, really loves money

The official start of the Christmas shopping season isn’t set to start until the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday. That’s not stopping the blue and gold Übermensch, Best Buy, from strong arming sweet, naive grandparents looking to get their little Malachi one of those keen X-Station3s.

The services detailed on the sticker in the above image are: Setup parental controls, complete system updates, and setup user accounts for the low, low price of only $29.99. To those who don’t eat, sleep and puke videogames, it might seem like a pretty sweet deal because Lord knows those VCRs are tough bananas to work, but the rest of us are sharpening our grenades in protest.

Do you think this is a “they mean well” situation that wasn’t properly thought out and executed? Or do you join the line of thought that this is a scam to squeeze more money out of the uninformed holiday shopper? It’s a trick question, by the way.