Get a PlayStation credit card and save on a PS3

You know what’s awesome? Debt. It totally rocks, trust you me. Checking out your bank statements and realizing your interest is growing faster than Mario after eating a mushroom is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life just for the sheer thrill of it all. Leave it up to Sony to make it that much easier with the PlayStation credit card, which is a Visa credit card but with PlayStation stamped on top of it.

Not only will Sony give you a credit card to help you get into debt, but they’ll also start that debt off for you by encouraging you to buy a PS3. See you can get $150 off a brand new, shiny PS3 when you apply for the card. By applying, online applicants are able to then purchase a PS3 via Sony’s online store and the discount comes off immediately or those approved for the card can go to an authorized PlayStation retailer and use the card to get the discount. Either way, you’re still a solid $250 in the hole at the least.

The card does have other benefits than the word “PlayStation” printed in large letters across the top. Those who use it will be rewarded points that are good for PlayStation and Sony products. Just think, once you’ve dug yourself into enough debt you can finally get that second PS3 controller for free!