Killzone 2 saves precious hard drive space

The PS3 is plagued with games that can’t be played unless its data is installed on the hard drive. For a console that prides itself on being a multimedia juggernaut, most of the available hard drive space is reserved for a bunch of 1’s and 0’s. But when Killzone 2 is released in 2009, we’ll be able to pop the game in and start playing instantly with no install required.

Seb Downie, the QA manager for Guerrilla Games answered some questions on the official PlayStation forums about Killzone 2. Some notable facts about Killzone 2 are that it will play in 720p, the beta build is old and the retail version will look noticeably different and it will have no hard drive install feature. We won’t be given the option to install even if we don’t mind doing so.

If a game as massive as Killzone 2 can defeat the mandatory install demon, perhaps there is hope for other games to follow in its footsteps. We declare 2009 to be the year of mandatory Trophies and install free games!