Lots of people want to talk about Prince of Persia

Have we mentioned how good this game looks? No? This game looks amazing. But we suppose there are more to games than just looks. There are characters who look good too, and they have depth and emotions behind them. For instance, the Prince is somewhat of a scallywag according to the above video. And Elika is hot. I mean right there you’ve got plenty of reason to get interested in these characters right off the bat.

Scallywagging and breasticles aside, it’s interesting to hear about the influences that created the new Prince of Persia. I’m liking the Spider-Man/Indiana Jones hybrid that Ben Mattes (looking better rested than we’ve seen him in a long time) hints at. More importantly though we learn that the Prince of past games won’t be around brooding all over the place. I swear that guy could have covered the entire world in brooding and still had some brooding left over, just in case someone around him wasn’t as depressed as he was. New reinvented Prince, I tip my hat in welcome to you.