Some of the best custom Sackboys ever

There are so many things that people don’t know about LittleBigPlanet, it’s truly mind-boggling. For example, most people don’t realize that you can create super-customized Sackboy characters that go way beyond the standard costume options. You see, you can use the standard costume creator to get the rough template for your creation, and then use the stickers/decorations menus to really flesh it out. To illustrate this point, we’ve presented four excellent examples above. While you should have no problem recognizing them, we’ll ID them for you anyway: from left to right we have Ariel (The Little Mermaid) complete with fish tail and a seashell bikini, Leela (Futurama), Dracula, and an amazingly detailed tiger which goes way beyond the outfit provided within the costume menus. If you have any you’d love to share, hit up your digital camera, upload them to your favorite photo site, grab the link and send them our way. If we get enough great submissions we’ll do a feature post showcasing your works!