Arma II trailer shows military action, introduces Team Razor

505 Games has released the first trailer for Bohemia Interactive’s squad-based tactical shooter ArmA II. Based on the core gameplay of its predecessor and powered by an updated Real Virtuality engine, the sequel puts players in the world-renowned military squad Team Razor who have been sent to the war-torn and fictional country of Chernarus in an effort to restore peace. Plot twists and intense action spanning land, sea and air will abound for this sharp (pun!) team to face.

The trailer, notably similar to real armed service advertisements, gives a brief glimpse into the game’s enhanced visuals, unscripted thus unpredictable action, 225 square kilometers of gameplay area, 136 different vehicles and 81 weapons, shaky cam footage, wounded mates being carried to safety, hard-hitting and pounding rock music, and an intense military demeanor that’s simply not to be missed. The title will be released for the PC sometime in 2009. Call your local recruiting station or career center for further details.