Billy Bob and Dennis Hopper get deadly

The last time Rainbow Studios released a trailer on their upcoming Wii-exclusive action/thriller Deadly Creatures, it was all about bad-ass gameplay and some messed up kill moves. Seriously, the tarantula eating the lizard would do Animal Planet proud. This time the trailer highlights the horror and phobia element of a game putting players in the role of a tarantula and a scorpion. It also reminds us that through the game a very human story is taking place.

This moody human story is played out by George Struggs, a old and weathered gas station attendant and a man named Wade, who seems to be a thug for hire. These men are out in the desert to dig up something, a body or loot most likely, and this brings them into the deadly creature’s territory. The gameplay, story and sheer potential of this title has hooked some of us from the start; but now with the fact that Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton will be voicing the human characters, our salivary glands have been working overtime. Until we get our hands on Deadly Creatures, we won’t know if that is just because of the pending Thanksgiving feasts or because we really are in the mood for a nice juicy lizard, a roach, wasp or even human–yummy! Seconds please.