Your guide to the ability-boosting bobbleheads of Fallout 3

Yes, I play with dolls. And if you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, you’ll play with dolls too seeing as it’s the achievement for collecting at least 10 of the ability-boosting bobbleheads hidden throughout Fallout 3.

Gamesradar has put together the definitive guide to bobblehead reconnaissance, helping you to “complete your stat-boosting collection with videos, maps, and detailed directions.” This guide is idiot proof, to my great releif. Some brain cells have definitely died off thanks to sleep deprivation from trying to find every location in this bombed and blasted wasteland, sans explorer perk. But it’s totally worth forgetting third grade, my middle name and what strawberries taste like to get my hands on all these blonde beauties. In addition to sprucing up your rather depressing and dilapidated Megaton pad, they optimize your stats and skills – seven will increase your core S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and 13 will increase your skills, bringing you ever closer to becoming the ultimate specimen of post-apocalyptic awesomeness.

Now, how do you make the game go? I forget…