Alone in the Dark PS3 gets some Trophy love

I’ll make this quick because I’m kind of in the middle of burning people, places and things in Central Park and we all know fire is cooler than the internet. Booting up Alone in the Dark: Inferno on the PS3 tonight, I was prompted to download an update. Being one who lives to download things to appease the elves that live inside all technology, I complied. I’m happy to report the elves will be able to have prizes for their tournaments as there is now full trophy support for the game. I’ve e-mailed the developers, Eden Games, to find out if anything else was brought to the party, but in the meantime, you can peep the list of shiny trinkets if you feel so inclined. While you’re doing that, I’m going to do what my mom always told me not to. No, the other thing. Gross.