Resident Evil 5 demo coming soon to a XBLM near you

There are moments in a person’s life that are greatly anticipated: getting their driver’s license, blacking out drunk legally for the first time, losing the ole’ virginity and an Olympic gold medal. While these are all very important events, none can come close to the amazingness that everyone’s expecting in Resident Evil 5, aka, that game where whitey kills Africa.

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, trigger-happy, survival horror aficianados will be getting a chance to experience the controversy first-hand as a demo featuring both single-player and co-op modes is set to hit the Japanese Xbox LIVE Marketplace on December 5th. For those living outside the Land of the Rising Sun, keep those pants on because Capcom isn’t saying when we’ll see it exactly, besides “a bit later” in North America.

Can you wait for it to hit your respective region or are you going to go all ninja and crack out that Japanese account to be the cool kid on the block? I’d tell you what I’d do but there will be copycats and the next thing I know, everyone will be wearing their pants backwards. I’m a loner, Dottie; a rebel.